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David Vance's NEW Lake Fork Map



David Vance's Shortcut Map to catching Big springtime spawning bass!

If you are looking for a shortcut to catching big springtime bass on Lake Fork but don't have the time it takes to find the prime spawning areas on Lake Fork, my Shortcut Map will show you where to go, how deep to fish, and what baits to use. If you are coming to Lake Fork for the first time or only get to come a few times a year and cannot hire a guide, this map will help you save time and gas and make your time on the Lake more productive. This map will give you all you need to know for pre-spawn February, and spawning March and April. Let my 30 years of fishing Lake Fork give you a heads up on where to find big spawning bass on Lake Fork fast and easy. This is like having a guide for only $49.95...order your Map today!

To order your copy today email David Vance at or call 903-629-5085.

Call David at 903-629-7699 or 903-629-5085 (cell), or Email David, to schedule
your next Lake Fork fishing trip. Call early for best date availability!